Shipping to customers in the continental US from the US!
There are so many talented parchment craft artists on the web, unfortunately for us here in the US,
they all seem to be in other parts of the world.  However, there is YouTube, and my favorite site to
browse for ideas is PerfectParchmentCraft in the UK.  There is a blog there, and something called
"Pattern Box" which you may find helpful.  Also, they offer many products I don't carry, and if you
don't mind waiting, there are many other things you can find there as you progress.

Remember the prices on their site are in pounds, not dollars, and the exchange rate ranges from
115% to about 150%.  You can easily check out the current exchange rate on the web.
And they only ship free to the UK.
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I have linked to a tutorial that I enjoyed, and if you search "pergamano"
brand name) you will find dozens and dozens of videos.