PCA's Emboss-a-card concept --
using regular cardstock you can use these templates to emboss!
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You don't need the transparent nature of our Acrylic EasyEmboss Parchment Templates and translucent parchment vellum to be able
to see where you are to emboss. You use your pretty scrapbooking papers and card stock to make these wonderful designs. There
are a myriad of frames, shapes, designs now available in the EMBOSS-A-CARD range for you to choose from. All you do is attach
your cardstock to the Emboss-A-Card template with Blu-Tack or tape and on your lightbox and emboss all the design lines required
with a PCA® E3004 Large Ball Embossing tool. It's a whole new concept in embossing cardstock and makes it a breeze! Wording in
matching emboss-a-card style is also available (see below)  to add greetings to your cards.
Now you can decorate your card stock using our
PCA® Emboss-A-Card Templates. This starter
kit will get you on your way to creating that special
card for that special person or occasion.

A step by step handbook guide on how to use the
Emboss-A-Card Templates is included in the kit.
This starter kit also includes 1 x TC4110E
Entwined Hearts Template, 1 x Small Happy
Birthday words template and a PCA® E3004
Large Embossing Ball.
Below are more templates created in the PCA® EMBOSS-A-CARD range! You can even use lovely Mirror/Foil card stock! A lightbox makes the
clear design line sections of each template actually LIGHT UP so you can see exactly where to emboss. It makes embossing crisp and clear. Your
design is then ready for you to add any extra touches you desire to make the project complete.  (If you do not have a light box, you can hold it up
against a window.)