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Shipping to customers in the continental US from the US!
cards the usual way, using colored cardstock or watercolor
paper, a bit of ribbon and brads.  When I discovered
parchment craft, I fell into it immediately and became

I came out of retirement to start this supply hub for US
customers after my research, which taught me there is little
available in this country, other than a few products here
and there, and usually out of stock.  I heard there's a lady
in California who offers classes, and one in Florida, but I
don't know more than that.  That's why I am self-taught!

I watched all that was available on YouTube, some of it
linked herein, and pored over copies of Parchment Craft
Magazine.  I found marvelous things on Pinterest  (all linked
to artists outside of this country.)

I include only products from ParchCraft Australia.  There
are other brands, and a very limited number on Amazon.  
All others must be ordered from Great Britain or someplace
else outside the country.   PCA has hundreds more
products than the ones I presently have in stock and I will
increase inventory for shipment from within the US as the
need arises.  There are several I have listed as "pre-order"
that I can get in stock within ten days or so.  But to save
you the shipping time, I have in my inventory the basic tools
to get you started.

I am still learning and practicing every day.  I find this art to
be not just addicting, but quite relaxing, meditative, even
somewhat Zen-like.  I believe you will enjoy it too.

As you get more comfortable with the craft, you will spread
your wings and come up with your own combinations of
patterns, ways to use color and create framed pieces as
gifts as well as greeting cards.
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I have some of these products as well as
craft kits for cardmaking or collage.
Join our Facebook Group to share
ideas and updates.  Since this site
was started, I am happy to say we are
connecting many US parchers!