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At this time we do not sell patterns. This website is all about basics.

The templates we sell are excellent to begin with, in terms of learning about design.  
Of course I want you to order them and use them.

There are many free patterns available online and other sites where you may
purchase them.  Magazines offer free patterns.  WE even have
free practice patterns.

I think it is more fun to create your own design, either from clipart that you may have, or
from your favorite stamp.  If the stamp is small, stamp it clearly on white paper, scan it,
and make it whatever size you
need.  I have found that the patterns available are in European sizes,
and since the standard greeting cards in the US are 4.25 x 5.5, I was having to adjust
them anyway.

Among our products we do have a few templates, and it is easy to use them and just
make your own envelopes to go with them if you are making greeting cards, or better
yet, put your parchment art into a frame!

Putting it all Together for some ideas.  And join our Facebook Group where we
talk about learning this craft.

Get started now!  You will love it.