works best for you. You have worked hard on this beautiful piece, so
show it off!

  • For instance, If it is to be a greeting card, you may use your
    piece as the topper for your layered card.  However, attaching it
    to card stock is tricky.  Glue will show through the parchment.  
    You can cut slots in an additional piece of card stock and glue
    that to your base, or make a frame out of patterned cardstock as
    I have done in the example shown here. This card was 6x6 and I
    created an envelope to fit out of matching patterned paper.

  • I have also used clear photo corners to attach some of mine to
    card stock.

  • The traditional method involves using the parchment for the
    entire outside layer of the card and then stitching the spine much
    like a coptic stitch.  This is the method chosen by Linda Williams
    in her book Simple Treasures. I believe this book is out of print,
    as are many books on the subject of parchment craft, but you
    can occasionally find used ones.

  • Or, you can just frame your art in whatever size you have special.
Putting it all together
Copyright 2015
Parchment Craft USA
Here the design was colored with
wax pencils then attached to
cardstock which had been painted
with pan pastels.
It is your art! Do what you want!
created from a stamped
image on a plain sheet of
paper, then scanned it and
needed.  It will be further
needed.  It will be further
enhanced before being
enhanced before being
attached to a card front.