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Shader Tool Kit Only  $32.50
8 needle round perforating tool
(May be used with PCA BOLD Straight or Diagonal
FlexiDuo Grid)
Fine 90 degree
Easy Edge Tool - 5

PCA® TP3451E
EasyEmboss Dotty Border
Chain - 3.
A collection of
shapes engraved as dots. Create
borders up to almost any size.
From as small as you want to as
big as you want. Just simply slide
your paper along the design to
create the size you require. Use
them as frames around an
image, use as a top or bottom
header/footer, use as a side bar,
use as a background.  Emboss
using the PCA® MICRO BALL
E3012 Tool.
PCA® - TP3344E Ultra FINE CrossHatch
Offers three different crosshatch sizes.
Use as a filling in those delicate areas. Creates
a lovely fine texture. Use your PCA-E3012
Micro Ball tool and or PCA-E3001 Scriber tools.
Simply trace around the tracks to create your
card. Perforate, decorate and color to your own
desire. As always we suggest that you rub the
vellum with a piece of tumble dryer sheet or
similar to improve slip when embossing. Very
quick and easy to use. Place vellum on top of
template. Hold vellum in position with small
pieces of 'Blu-Tack' or similar.
Grid portion is 2" x 2" and is handy for
filling in small areas.