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Basic Tools For Embossing:
140gram Vellum A4 size
295mm x 210mm 10 Sheets per packet
(size is approximately 8.25" x 11.5"

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Tool Caps

Take it from me:  
You really need
$2.50 for package of 10
A complete Starter Kit for all those who are curious
about our EasyEmboss templates but not sure how
they work...why they will be your new essentials and a
with three designs, a 12 page instruction book that
will get you going in no time and give you a real
insight into the template's versatility.  You'll get vellum,
a small ball tool, tumble dry sheet and blu-tack.  
Everything you need!   The picture on the front of the
book included can be made using this kit (minus
cutouts for which you need a StampEdge or scissors
and TwinTool). The diamond borders and its
accompanying corners are templates for making
PCA® Small Ball Tool. This template exploits simple
diamond shapes joined together in a row to create
lovely frames and/or borders or sidebars etc maybe to
contain a sun tool impression or crystal or a
perforation group in each shape etc. You could also  
for all those who are curious
A complete Starter for
all those who are coloring as desired, perhaps
alternating with blank coloring as desired, perhaps
alternating with blank areas etc. We have also given
you a lovely Gladioli areas etc. We have also given you
a lovely Gladioli floral spray template to use alone or
within a frame that is made using all the instructions
in this starter kit.

Everyone needs this kit ...whether new to the craft or
just new to the idea of using templates. Our templates
are not grids....not patterns... they are ELEMENTS to
MIX AND MATCH and enhance ANY project you
This Easy Emboss Template Starter Kit is the
place to begin,  in my opinion!  You will learn
many skills just with this.
Order this and our other beginner kits  on
the "Beginners" page.
Equal to about a 90 lb paper and
is thicker than most other
vellums you may find at a lower
Bold Basic Perf Set
Twin Tool Sets
This tool set
1 UniBold
1 Bold Twin
1 Bold Quad
$15.50 EACH!
while they last!

Purchase 6 or more different items in stock
and receive this 8x10 neoprene pad
with your order.  It can be used
as an embossing pad, or a pad
to make your ink stamping easier
for clearer images.