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FINE EMBOSSING Starter Kit contains :
embossing mat, 3 sheets vellum, white gel
pen, 3 PCA Tools (Scriber, Medium Ball
Tool, Shader tool)
BOLD PERFORATING Starter Kit contains : Pattern and detailed
instructions for heart as pictured, A6 perforating mat, 3 sheets
vellum, white gel pen, 3 PCA Tools (UniBold, Bold Mini
StampEdge, Bold Quad)
I found that PCA offers the best and
most useful beginner kits, including
actual things you will need!
Shipping to customers in the continental US from the US!
You will want to get:
  • Parchment or heavy vellum (transparent)
  • White pencil or gel pen
  • Basic embossing tools including a small
    one, a large one, and a few other tools
    for perforations
  • An embossing mat and a perforation mat
  • Tiny scissors -- similar to those used for
  • Wax paper or a tea candle to make the
    embossing tool slide more easily or
  • Fabric softener sheets
  • And of course, your favorite design to
    trace, or one of our templates

Templates do not require an embossing mat, but
some will require a perforation mat.  However,
it is good to have one around because you will
find other designs you want to trace. In a
pinch, you can use a couple sheets of craft
foam glued together, but be careful not to
punch holes in the vellum.
A complete starter kit for those who are
curious about our EasyEmboss templates but
are not sure how they work.   This kit includes
a template with three designs, a 12 page
instruction book that will get you going in no
time and give you a real insight into the
template's versatility.  

Everyone needs this kit ...whether new to the
craft or just new to the idea of using templates.
Our templates are not grids....not patterns...
they are ELEMENTS to MIX AND MATCH and
enhance ANY project you make!   

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