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If this craft is new to you, here are a list of the basic supplies you will want to get:

  • Parchment or heavy vellum (transparent) paper
  • White pencil or gel pen
  • Basic embossing tools including a small one, a large one, and a few other tools for perforations
  • An embossing mat and a perforation mat
  • Tiny scissors -- similar to those used for embroidery
  • Wax paper or a tea candle to make the embossing tool slide more easily or
  • Fabric softener sheets
  • And of course, your favorite design to trace, or one of our templates

Templates do not require an embossing mat, but some will require a perforation mat.  However, it is good
to have one around because you will find other designs you want to trace. In a pinch, you can use a
couple sheets of craft foam glued together, but be careful not to punch holes in the vellum as you are
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Parchment craft has not been well known in the US.  The only magazine I can
find on the subject is
Parchment Craft Magazine produced, of course, in the
UK.   But this is the most beautiful work for greeting cards that I have ever
seen.  I am excited to see the response this website has received.

According to Wikipedia and other sources, this craft has been around for
hundreds of years in Europe and Great Britain.  There are also parchment
artists in Australia, Canada, and although I have become acquainted with a
few in the United States, supplies are not easy to come by.  There are some
books on the subject although many are out of print.  We have linked to the
resources we found.

For this reason, Parchment Craft USA was created.  We stock the proper
paper, some basic tools and templates to supply existing parchment craft
artists and particularly beginners. Our inventory is not large, but you can
pre-order any PCA product that is not presently in stock here.

Our prices are competitive, and you can get the products we carry right
here in the US.  From me.  Here.  And I will ship free in the continental US if
your order is $25 or more.  (
Otherwise, there is a charge of 7.50 for shipping
and handling.)

I have made a real effort to put together the best and most essential items
to get you started right!
I know you've heard this before:  
You can do just about anything if you have the proper tools!
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